Sri fire extinguisher catalogue pdf

Sri fire extinguisher catalogue pdf
Catalogue Complete PDF; Cabinet Brochures. Cabinet Metal Fire Extinguisher 9kg & 4.5kg CME9A CME45A PDF ; Cabinet Metal Fire Hose Reel Flat Pack -CMFHRSDFP PDF; Cabinet PVC Dome Style – CPEO PDF; Cabinet Fibreglass Top Opening – CFGDHTO29 PDF; Cabinet PVC Fire Hose – CPFHDDS PDF; Cover PVC Fire Hose Reel – CPFHR36 PDF; Cabinet Vehicle Mounted Fire Extinguisher – HDVBTS PDF…
Wipe-Out Blazing Fire In Just Split Seconds Expecially During Emergency & Panic Situations. Wide Range of Extinguishers to Suits Any Types of Fire Applications.
extinguisher range – you’ve just found it. Items in this catalogue are available at the time of publication but we reserve the right to change our product range and/or product specification anytime. SECTION 1 Fire Power Extinguishers 2-8 Trolley Units 9-10 1. 22 ExTinGUishErs All Water General n Easy squeeze grip operation n Fully refillable n Controlled discharge n Internal polyethylene
portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher ms1539 Selection and installation should be according to MS1539 Part 3. Inspection and maintenance should be carried out according to MS1539 Part 4.
10 LBS Chemical Dry Powder Extinguisher Model DP 4 for A,B,C & E fire classes. Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Carbon Dioxide (Co2) fire Extinguisher Model CD-2 for B,C & E fire classes.
Catalogue. 2 An Introduction to NAFFCO NAFFCO FZCO is among the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-tier firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, security and safety engineering systems worldwide. Since its humble beginnings, NAFFCO has grown from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE to expand to serving over 100 countries around the world. One
JSG Industrial Systems Page 3 MuStEr FIrE EXtInguISHErS Portable Fire Extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the extinguisher.
Request Your Free Fire Extinguisher Charts. Did you know that only 13% of people are aware that different types of fire extinguishers must be used on different classes of fire and understand what type of fire extinguishers they can utilise during a fire emergency?
natural for a person to use the extinguisher located nearest to a fire. The most current issue of NFPA-10 should be consulted The most current issue of NFPA-10 should be consulted for minimum recommended fire extinguisher types, placement and travel distances.

extinguisher is empty, although BC Powder can have a limited effect. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Carbon dioxide is a non conductive gaseous agent that displaces oxygen to smother a fire.
SRI fire hose reels are tested and approved to European Standard EN671 by British Standards Institution and to Australian Standards AS1221 by QAS Australia.
extinguisher in terms of the maximum size of fire that can be extinguished. Class A rating is related to a wooden crib fire 0.5m wide x 0.56m high x length. The rating figure is ten times the length in metres, ega 13A uses a crib 1.3 metres long. Class B is related to fire surface area and the rating figure to the quantity of flammable liquid in a ratio of 1/3 water, 2/3 fuel that can be
SERIES FIRE EXTINGUISHER AXI-PXIO AXI-NL3X : 55.13kg :fi50.4cm .513V(200C) :A-3.B-7.C : 3.0kg AXI-NL2X : fi4.40kg : fi46cm • fi359(200C) . A-I


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29 The products specified in this brochure are subject to continual development and improvement. Information in this brochure is subject to alteration without notice.
Companies – Fire protection, safety and security installation contractors. Locksmiths – Sri Lanka Locksmiths – Sri Lanka Fire protection, safety and security installation contractors.
range of Fire Extinguisher is certified to various international standards/directives: Extinguisher Features Extinguisher bodies are fully deep drawn from cold rolled steel, and pressure tested to twice the extinguisher’s
Brand SRI Extinguisher Type 2L Foam, 6L Foam, 9L Foam, 9L Water EN3 Water & Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Description Water and Foam fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the heat element of the fire triangle. Foam agents also separate the oxygen element from the other elements. Brand SRI Capacity, Kg 2.0, 5.0 Type of extinguishant Carbon Dioxide Class of Fire B,C Portable …
2-PRESTO CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) FIRE EXTINGUISHER . Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1841.6. Fire Extinguisher Features: • Lightweight Aluminium Cylinder.
2-wa y breeching inlet Specification Body : Ductile Iron Inlet : BS Instantaneous Male Copper Alloy to BS 1982 Outlet : 2 Way Breeching Inlet Flanged 4” table E. BS 10

A high quality and robust mobile . 100 litre AFFF foam extinguisher for professional use in harsh environments Extinguishing medium. AFFF foam Foam cylinder
BS EN3 Water & Foam Type Fire Extinguisher I Net — WATER SRI 0038/03 0038/03 9 MATERIALS FOAM ISO 9001 Certified Quality Endorsed Company EXTINGUISHER TYPE
extinguisher selection be made. The classification and rating of an extinguisher are The classification and rating of an extinguisher are vital pieces of information for making this selection.
SFFECO is a brand name stands for innovation and excellence since 1983. As global leaders, we believes in manufacturing quality products and services and extended exceptional service standards in the global market theryby rewarding our customers by keeping their investment safe and secure.

The right type of fire extinguisher in the right location is essential. Chubb can help you with extinguishers to suit specific firefighting applications. Chubb can help you with extinguishers to suit specific firefighting applications.
32 The products specified in this brochure are subject to continual development and improvement. Information in this brochure is subject to alteration without notice.
Portable fire protection equipment – assistance when and where you need it. FACT: All fire extinguishers and fire hose reels should be serviced every six months. EMAIL COPY ONLY . PORTABLE FIRE solUtions 5 sAPPHiRE™ MRi Extinguisher FACT: Unlike some chemical agents that last in the atmosphere for more than 33 years, SAPPHIRE™ has an atmospheric lifetime of only 5 …
A fire extinguisher, or extinguisher, is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling,
A serviced, functional fire extinguisher or fire hose reel on hand during a fire can mean the difference between a minor blaze and a devastating full scale fire. ‘First-aid’ for fire A vital part of Wormald’s business is ‘first-aid’ fire fighting equipment, such as; portable fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire blankets. Portable fire equipment needs to be identifiable, easy to
FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINET FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINET Dimensions: 950(H) x 500(W) x 250(D) mm Material: SS/ EG/ MS Thickness: 1.2 / 1.5 / 2 …
24/12/2018 · SAFEX FIRE EXTINGUISHER CATALOGUE PDF – Products catalog Safex Fire Services Limited, Sole Proprietorship, India, – enterprise page. Contact information Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher. What is PDF? a PDF is a file format that made or ebook files. you can download PDF files to your devices and read them anytime. we have one million PDF files. you can download some …
Sri brand information. A total of 97 buyers have visited this brand page in the last 30 days. Suppliers & Agents of Sri have received a total of 5 RFQs in the last 30 days.
AIM AT bASE OF FIRE – Ensure you have a means of escape. SQUEEZE THE OPERATING HANdLE – To operate extinguisher and discharge the agent. SWEEP FROM SIdE TO SIdE – Completely extinguish the fire.

SFFECO Saudi Factory for Fire Equipment Co.

View pg41-SRI Catalogue 2013.pdf from R&I 5510054 at Army Public College of Management & Sciences, Rawalpindi. HOSE REEL CABINET MODEL C SINGLE COMPARTMENT PIVOT TYPE HOSE REEL CABINET TECHNICAL
The EAC 2 / 2.0kg model is fitted with an adjustable swivel elbow assembly to allow discharge directly to the seat of a fire whilst the larger 3.5 and 5.0kg models …
fire fighting equipment Integrated Solutions – Steel Recon Industries (SRI) is a Malaysian company offering a comprehensive range of fire fighting products, …
FIRE EXTINGUISHING FM-200 fire extinguishants, Kidde Fire Protection can offer the GX20 System using FM-200 ® (Heptafluoropropane) as a replacement for Halon 1301 in applications requiring a clean, environmentally acceptable fire extinguishing agent, suitable for use in manned areas. Performance FM-200 extinguishes fires primarily by physical means. It has properties which function well
Request a Catalog; Request a Catalog. Need a product catalog? Just fill out the form below and select a quantity! First Name * Last Name * Email * Company Name * Street Address * City * State * Post Code * Country * Request Catalog(s) and Quantity: Health Care Brochure Extinguisher Catalog Wheeled Extinguisher Brochure High Performance Brochure Restaurant System Brochure Industrial …
Fire Extinguisher Location Sign 150mm x 225mm Right Angle Read more; Foam ID Sign Read more; Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket to Suit 2.5kg DCP Fire Extinguisher Read more ; Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket to Suit 4.5kg DCP Fire Extinguisher Read more; Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket to Suit 9.0kg DCP Fire Extinguisher Read more; Maintenance Date Tag Aluminium Pack 100 Read more; …
SRI manufactures a comprehensive fire protection system which includes Hose reel equipment, Wet and dry riser equipment, Hydrant equipment, Fire extinguisher, Flow control equipment and …
Eversafe Extinguisher Sdn. Bhd. (EE) was incorporated in 1979, is a member of Leeden National Oxygen Ltd, and is certified by ISO 9001. We are the leading manufacturer of fire fighting appliances and fire suppression systems in Malaysia.
Download the PDF MSDS sheets for your fire extinguisher
Safety First GLORIA product catalogue. 2 Safety First Contents Contents Preface 3 Contact 5 Portable fire extinguishers Refillable fire extinguishers Design Line 6–9 Refillable fire extinguishers Star Line 10–13 Refillable fire extinguishers Pro Line 14–17 Refillable fire extinguishers Easy Line 18–21 Powder extinguishers with external CO 2 cylinder 22–23 CO 2 fire extinguishers

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Steel Recon Industries (SRI) is a Malaysian company offering a comprehensive range of fire fighting products, equipment and technology solutions worldwide since 1974. SRI is committed in providing the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment and systems parallel to our vision in protecting lives and properties.
The Muster Air/Water type fire extinguisher does not have a coloured band around the top of the cylinder. This type of . fire extinguisher is recommended for Class A fires (wood, paper, plastics, textiles, rubber and rubbish). The Muster 9.0 Litre Air/Water extinguisher acts to reduce the burning temperature so that the fire can be brought under control. It is important to remember that this
NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher Powder NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher FOAM NAFFCO Fire Extinguisher Carbon di-oxide CO2 FIAC Fiac Stratos Compressors 24, 50, 100, 150, 200 liter
FIRE EXTINGUISHER PARTS 11 247 Ansul® is a registered mark of Tyco Fire Products LP. S4PA RCVS54 1539A 418682AS 5558B 20981B 900321W VSKIT HALON VALVE STEMS.
NAFFCO is the leading supplier of BSI, LPCB and UL certified dry powder fire extinguishers in the Middle East. Our extinguishers are suitable for use on petrol, oil, gas, electrical equipment and freely burning materials fires. All of our extinguishers are the most …
fire safety catalogue extinguishers and trolley units ancilliary items brigade equipment detection and alarms. extinguishers 2-10 extinguishers and trolley units ancilliary items brigade equipment detection and alarms The Gloria brand is recognised by the independent fire trade as a product of renowned quality. Fully approved to relevant British and European standards with a proven track

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FIRE SAFETY PRODUCTS List of certified companies As of 1st March 2014 S/N Certificate No. Product Company Class Expiry Date Country of Origin Brand Model Product details Test …
FIRE FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT CATALOGUE OCTOBER 2015 EDITION FIRE SUPPRESSION, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, FIRE ACCESSORIES SALES AND SERVICE. 2 Contents Fire Extinguishers- ABE Dry Chemical Powder 3 – Carbon Dioxide 4 – Wet Chemical 5 – Water and Foam 5 – Mobile Units 6 Fire Blankets 7 Signs – Fire Extinguisher 8 – Fire Blanket 8 – Fire Hose Reel 8 – Fire …
JUNE 2018 PAGE 1 FIRE EXTINGUISHER AND PARTS CATALOG. RED LINE Dry Chemical Extinguishers. RED LINE dry chemical extinguishers are designed for . the protection of ordinary and high risk hazards. This hand portable extinguisher is used in industries where the occurrence or possibility of fire is high. The RED LINE extinguisher has set the standard for reliable fire protection …
SRI cast iron valve – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

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SFFECO is a one-stop-shop for all Fire Protection and Fighting products and supplies its entire gamut of products globally in over 65 countries. INSTALLATION SFFECO installs the required fire safety equipments in the client premises as per the approved drawings and specifications TESTING AND COMMISSIONING SFFECO pre-tests and post-tests the product working and specification before …
fire extinguisher is recommended for Class A fires (wood, paper, plastics, textiles, rubber and rubbish). The Muster 9.0 Litre Air/Water extinguisher acts to reduce the burning
The TITAN Kitemarked fire extinguisher range comprises of a wide selection of carbon dioxide, foam, water and powder fire extinguishers offering impressive fire ratings, as well as excellent value for money without compromising on quality.
pendent, 1kg, fire extinguishing system from any power source. Its main secret lies in the heat detector in a form of a line made out of special laser predriller polymer, shich

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